Monday, May 25, 2009

Stitches West 2009

On our way to Stitches West 2009

Power Breakfast

Mom and I in line

First stop Qiviuk

Vicuna is sooooo soft! I want some!

I love Lambkin but mom wouldn't buy her for me

Meeting new friends where ever I went

Lann was fun! Hope to see her again next year
Thinking of Tracy (Knitterok)

Caroline of Caroline's Home spun (she was awesome!)

Sitting on a whole bunch of Cashmere for Kathy (ILSM)

I feel like ET

Look at these silly fish hats!
Mr Foster and I had a bond. Now I want brothers. I love Noah so maybe he can be my brother. Or mom can make me a brother or two.
There was a sock contest, here I am registering. I had to vote, well cuz I'm a sock and I needed to vote for one of my own.
There were soooo many to choose from, but mom and I agreed that the hiking sock boot was perfect for us.
We got to meet Gale and she bought mom some pretty earrings. Gale was fun! Mom said the earrings were her Birthday present so I couldn't have them. But I have an earring that Rishbish gave mom for a YIF on ravelry as a book marker. But I'm creative that way, and I'm using it for my earring.
Gale told mom about Brooks Farm yarn. You got it! She bought some!
Mom bought some yak/silk yarn. I am not sure if mom is storing yarn or creating a zoo.
Weighing in after all that shopping.
Tired and so I took a nap on the way home.

Mom is too lazy to be my secretary, but I made her at least upload the pictures!